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Reforming The Justice System WITH The POWER Of The Peoples' Dollar

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Mission Statement

Law enforcement continues to violate the Black community, despite being employed to protect and serve all Americans. Efforts to enact institutional change have fallen on deaf ears, with countless more innocent Black Americans being added to an ever-growing list of lives taken by the police. Please join us in a peaceful protest that challenges capitalist powers that stick to the status quo. We will designate the 19th day of each month in 2020 to commemorate the unlawful murder of members of the Black community by abstaining from spending the minority dollar.  Anyone is encouraged to participate in this protest. However, we are not promoting passivity. If you can spare money please donate, sign petitions, and support Black businesses. Money is the language of the United States. The more we make their pockets hurt, the more likely government leadership is to listen to activist demands.

Make A Pledge

Taking the pledge below shows your support for the movement to reform the criminal justice system and promise to support Black-owned Business every 19th of the month

Thank you for your support

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