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Our goals

  • Providing educational tools on topics such as racial inequality, corporate power in politics, and police brutality

  • Raising awareness of the economic power of the people

  • Encouraging ethical consumption through local business and a reduction of corporate spending

  • Creating a movement where everyone ABSTAINS from corporate spending on the 19th of every month

  • Connecting others with Black-owned businesses around them 

  • Providing tools for voters to support policies and politicians that promote equality

Why is spending money at local and Black businesses so important to us?

Small, local businesses, regardless of the culture/race of the owner, work to empower the community they are a part of. Local businesses are more likely to support the things that make your community unique; like art programs, sports teams, local charities, and school events. The money spent at a local business stays in the community.

Meanwhile, spending at large corporations like Whole Foods and Target does not facilitate return to the communities they occupy. Extra revenue goes to PACs, equipment for law enforcement, and political campaigns. Corporations also provide shelf space for products that use prison labor and use production methods that are harmful to the environment.

Why is there a movement to support Black-owned businesses specifically? — Black people are disadvantaged by a lack of generational wealth compared to other demographics. They face a larger amount of discrimination when applying for small business loans and do not have the same economic resources as white startups. Consciously supporting Black-owned business owners not only supports your community but encourages the success of other Black businesses. We ask for the support towards Black business because it enriches the community, creates lucrative jobs for other Black people, and closes the racial wealth gap.

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