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Social Media Graphics

Download our graphics to share on social media or print it out and spread it in your area!

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Design by Amabelle Morning

IG: @uncanny_valley_girl

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Design by Amabelle Morning

IG: @uncanny_valley_girl

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Design by Amabelle Morning

IG: @uncanny_valley_girl

Supporting Black Business in Los Angeles

 The COVID pandemic and the murder of George Floyd has left the Black community in a state of crisis. Supporting black-owned businesses is one of the most helpful and easiest ways to support the community. A public directory of businesses was created by Kat Hong and Talia Mayden on Google Docs. 

Find Black-Owned Businesses near you

Eat Okra

Eat Okra is an app that locates Black-owned restaurants in 35 different cities. The app is easy to use and has an interactive interface with a GPS locator. It is available on the Apple store and Google Play for free. 

Rank Tribe

Rank Tribe gives users a comprehensive directory of black owner businesses online and near them. Rank Tribe is available on App stores and online. 


Blocal is a new Yelp-like app developed to connect users to Black-Owned Businesses nationwide. It is now accepting applications to add businesses to its directory.

Petitions to sign


Cancel Rent and Morgage during the Pandemic

Justice for Cornelious Fredricks

Justice for Robert Fuller

Racial Data for the Coronavirus

Justice for Rashad Cunningham

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